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Specialized Treatments for Rheumatic Diseases

Ayurveda the ancient Indian science of living, has addressed itself to the fundamental principles of good health and longevity. It has developed a tradition of medicine and a system of treatment based on the inherent ability of human body to rejuvenate, to heal and to restore its natural balance.

Stands as an authentic source of Ayurvedic education, research and community health care.

Pattarumadom is one of the most reliable Ayurvedic centers in Kerala. Situated in a typical Kerala village on the banks of a waterway, the Nursing Home has the best ambience for Ayurvedic treatments. It has the best of both worlds: easy connectivity and village air. The centre provides Curative as well as Wellness treatments, Panchakarma and Relaxation therapies. The Curative segment provides special treatments for Auto immune, Musculo-skeletal and Neurological diseases in the Rheumatic Specialty Clinic. The Wellness segment includes Relaxation and Rejuvenation program.

Pattarumadom invites you to discover your innate potential for wellness and to learn how to maintain health in all facets of living.

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Ayurveda says the disturbed normalcy of the doshas could set off a chain reaction, troubling the other body elements such as dhathus and malas. There can be many reasons why the doshas are vitiated some may be natural, such as seasonal variations and some man-made, such as the abuse or misuse of functions of sense organs, wrong body and food habits and suppression of body urges. But once the process is set in motion, then the body begins to suffer.

Spinal Care Treatments

It has been noticed that people who sit in front of computers or doin....

Psoriasis is considered as the vitiation of Vatha and Kapha ele....

Detoxification Treatments

The importance of detoxification through Panchakarma in Ayurveda is a....

Definition A common neurological syndrome, Migrai....
Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common pain disorders today .It is a....

In the management of Hemiplegia The Hemiplegia is the sequelae of pa....

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Written by Hamed Ali Al Ahamadi from Saudi Arabia

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Treatment for stroke.............
Written by Hamed Ali Al ahamdi from Saudi arabia

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Department of Tourism Kerala has conferred this facility with GREEN LEAF CERTIFICATION

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What we offerWe are very near to Cochin Airport

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In a Typical Kerala Village
In the quiet of the village, all that breaks the silence is the crooning of the birds. Or the cone shell call from the temple from across the paddy fields. The heavy traffic in the evening is not that of the vehicles rushing but of the flock of the birds, flying their way home against a red sky...


Transferring the knowledge
Pattarumadon Ayurveda stands as an authentic source of Ayurvedic education, research and community health care. We offer training courses like Samskrithi, Jeevanam, Thejus etc.

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Most of us assume we live a healthy life style, but we may discount all the stresses of modern living that affect our health, and all negative effects are cumulative. It takes much chemical...

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My Trip To Kerala